Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Paparazzi Please!!!

Sssshhhhhhh!!! We’ve got a little secret.
One of the Unik family is soon to become famous.

The Crafts Council spotted him at a Christmas craft fayre. Not surprising really, he is a handsome chap!
He was spotted for his talent and his mother and creator, my partner in crime, Sarah is very proud. As am I.
Big Boss Panda is to grace us on the BIG screens at a cinema near you very soon!! The Premier’s is at the beginning of March where the Panda himself will be strutting his paws down the red carpet with Sarah and I in tow.

Big Boss Panda

If things get too hectic on the day with fans and paparazzi, signed autographs are available by written request. We will however request a donation of £3, which we will donate to our Charity, Helen and Douglas house , The Oxford children's hospice.
He is available from the unik website. Luckily we made him sign an exclusivity clause when we realised his potential. Phew.
He also has a happy family of squashies and softies that also have potential to make it BIG. Especially Doris our Emo bunny! But ssshhhhhh, we don’t want it to go to her head!

Look out for him when you are munching popcorn in your cinema.

*The Crafts council is the national development agency for contemporary craft. The Craft Council and UK Hand knitting Association Craft Club initiative is set to expand into a range of community settings including Museums, libraries and cinema's across the UK. The Craft Club now has 350 active clubs in schools across the UK teaching children craft skills with the help of volunteer's during lunchtimes and after school clubs. To read a little more about the scheme click here

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