Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sweet dreams

Meet Fairy. 
Fairy Pi.

She lives at the bottom of your garden where the grass gets soggy and the mushrooms grow. 
She loves to stand in the rain, watching the drops fall. 
As the rain runs down the mushrooms, she likes to collect it and make pretty pools with it to float petals on. 

She collects cobnuts to share with the squirrels and loves to dance with the dragonflies when nobody is looking.
Your garden is her home. She loves to play in it while you are sleeping.
She is a special fairy.

She looks after you while you sleep and makes all the nasty dreams you have go away.
 Just call her name and she’ll turn a bad dream into a beautiful one. Even when she’s busy dancing with the butterflies during the day and bats during the night…just call and she’ll be there.
She’s a very special fairy with a very special job. 
She looks after you.
Sweet dreams

These are my working drawings and scribbles. I am working on a group of fairies, pixies, elves and  gnomes to look after every little ones bad dreams.
Coming soon to unik gifts

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