Friday, 24 February 2012

The importance of PLAY

I spent a little bit of time in hospital this week with one of my little ones who has been a little poorly. As a hospital Virgin (other then having my babies in hospital) I was very impressed with the time and importance in PLAY TIME recovery that they have on a paediatric ward.

Every child, no matter how old they are, is visited by a specialist in PLAY who comes and explains to Mummy and child where the playroom is and where the age appropriate toys are. For youngsters young enough to PLAY by him or herself, the PLAY specialist encourages getting out of bed, PLAYING and interacting with other children. This relieves parents and gives them a breather enabling them to organise life outside the hospital. For very little ones, parents are encouraged to move from the four walls of the ward to a room where the child and parents can get back to a little routine of playing with one to one time. 

For the child, the results are endless. PLAYING can help the child learn about their illness, help relax them and relieve the boredom of being in hospital. 

For adults, we can easily forget that PLAYING is crucial to our little ones in developing into young adults who can make decisions.  PLAYING in a hospital environment is even more important. At a time when they are exposed to new sights, sounds and smells, PLAY is even more important.

By encouraging a child to PLAY in hospital or in home teaches them everything about the world they live in. PLAYING builds self esteem, builds social skills, allows a child to work out their feelings, develop their language and to grow in every sense. It certainly made me sit back and spend time PLAYING with both my children, giving them both 100% attention.

So lets all take time and encourage our little ones to PLAY today, whether it is at home or in hospital. I am going to spend time with my two naughties making something fun to make for next week’s Make blog that can be PLAYED with. This week I have forfeited my make blog in favour of spending more time with my poorly naughties PLAYING.

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