Thursday, 9 February 2012

How to take an iPhone photograph - Indoor photography

Repotage photography – Not staged, true on the hoof photography

Well this will usually be the only phone you have to hand when out and about with the little one. So we'll start with the photographs that this camera takes first.

Firstly – Don't worry too much about composure – ensure you capture as much as your little one as possible. You can always use the iPhone software or one of the many apps that are available for the iPhone to crop later.

Remember to tap the little square that appears on the screen. Tap on your little one and it should adjust the settings to make sure that this is the one thing in the frame in focus and 'lit' correctly.
Then click the take photo button as often as possible. You can delete the 5 shots where your little one is blurry but you need to take many shots to choose the best ones from!
TIP: Keeping your finger on this button 'prepares' the camera for the shot, keep it there and take it off when you want to capture the photo. It'll then take the shot just when you want it!

Useful for when your little one has stopped doing the 'cute' thing you wanted to capture as soon as you had focused the iPhone on them and managed to sort the lighting out as well. Bet as soon as you look as if you're not photographing them then they'll do it again! Keep your finger on that button – it'll be a clearer shot for it.

Still but not looking!

Finally - Still enough for a shot!

Iphone Indoor photography tips
  1. Try and make sure the light is behind or to the side of you.
  2. Remember to crouch down to be on the same eye level of your child / children unless you want to capture those big eyes looking up at something else
  3. Take many photos, you can delete those that didn't work.
  4. Tap the little focus square to focus on your little one and set the correct presets for light etc.
  5. If you've tapped the little square on your little one but they still seem quite dark then tap a dark area to 'light up' the photo!
  6. Don't be too scared to step closer or further away for that shot.
  7. Experiment! Click away! PLAY with your iPhone camera to find the look and feel that you like.


Lost in a sea of colours...
 I maybe watching TV but I'm wearing a hat
 Night time playing with the dolls house. Spot the mini bath, loo and sink in bottom right corner in an opposite to baby in top left
 Two Duracell bunnies... can you spot the difference?
Racing Italian Stallion at Mercedes Benz World
 DangerBaby covets Aunty Paula's soft furry scarf thing
I maybe small but I can climb any mountain
 Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz? My friends all drive Porches..
 Not quite Abbey Road but still the inspiration was there...
I love hats!

Editing using the iPhone software... iOS 5 - upgrade to it now!

You can crop, rotate, improve your photo and remove red eye all using the inbuilt iPhone edit button. [Images from Apple].

From your photo press the 'Edit' button (top right). This takes you to the following screen (below bottom left). The icons on the bottom of the screen allow you to choose your edit type... The swishing arrow is Rotate, the magic wand is AutoEnhance, the red circle is Remove red eye and the square is crop.

iOS 5 New Features Camera Apps Take photo Easier
Rotate, AutoEnhance, Remove Red Eye & Crop
iOS 5 New Features Camera Apps Take photo Easier
Removing red eye - not a function I use much with an iPhone as it doesn't have a flash!

AutoEnhance - will lighten and 'correct' photo presets.
Crop - Use 'Constrain' if you want to keep the usual photo sizes for your images. Postcard size is 4:6.

Next week
I'll be covering all the modes you can use with the Canon for taking repotage photos indoors. I'll be creating a mini studio with a white sheet etc, and setting up some 'pose' shots with some not so willing little ones!

If you have some top tips then do share them with us below! Or if there's a particular type of shot you want me to try let me know.

Please place any photos that could inspire us on our facebook page by clicking here.

STILL TO COME IN OUR PHOTOGRAPHY SERIES - iPHONE photography applications! Don't forget to check our blog regularly

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