Thursday, 7 June 2012


"Dads get it hard.

After a long days work I come home to a tired, nagging other half and two over tired children.
My daughter runs up to me, cooing "Cuddle" because her Mum is pre-occupied with the little fella. A little part of me smiles because she wants her Daddy. Then Mummy is free and she climbs off me and runs to her Mum declaring "Mummy cuddle".

Second best. Hmmph...

Then on my birthday my daughter has been knocking on the door trying to get my attention, prompted by her Mum. I think they are just trying to wake me up ready for the day. She runs in with my other half and the little one bobbing on her hip. 

"Daddy Daddy Daddy" shouts my daughter. "A present from Ida and Sam" says my other half.
I open it up, We'd agreed no presents this year.
Inside sits a little silver disc keyring with a smudged little dimple fingerprint. I turn it over...
"love Sam X"

A little part of my heart leaps with joy.

 I smile a BIG smile. They do love me. I'll keep and cherish my special gift forever alongside the silver "Ida" cufflinks I was bought last year for my Birthday.

A little piece of love straight from my children"

Dad's are special. I lost my Dad a few years ago  and I kick myself every day for not telling him more often how loved he was. How funny he was and how much i enjoyed spending time with him. So because I know how special Dad's are, I made sure Sam and Ida's Dad knows he is loved and touches their hearts everyday. Even when they are being ratbags!!

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