Monday, 4 June 2012

An well deserved Monday Mentor

Today we celebrate an leading lady.

A Wife,

A Sister,

A Mum, 

A Grandmother,

A Great- Grandmother



In her 86th year, she is still doing the job she was born to do, having done it every day for the past sixty years.
She supports public and voluntary services. She in patron to over 600 charities and organisations, 
400 of which she has been part of since 1952.
She has replied to over three and half million correspondence,
written telegraphs to over 540,000 couples celebrating their Diamond wedding anniversary,
and has sent over 45,000 Christmas Cards during her reign.
In addition to this she has juggled being a Mum alongside ruling our country, 
often having to leave her family for months at a time.

She is a true Diamond.

Congratulations, Ma'am.

*Pssstttttttt......she even feature's in Peppa Pig tomorrow wearing her wellies!!

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