Thursday, 28 June 2012

Things we covet...

Isn't it funny that when a group of similar aged little ones all play together there is always one favourite toy that causes tears / tantrums because they all want it at the same time?

Even at an early age, they want what another has... not envy but coveting their friend's toy/possession!

This coveting starts when you have a baby - one Mummy will ask another where a particular blanket / top was purchased? It's not envy, it's because they want the best for their little one, to treat them and themselves to something special. Something that shows their little one off to a everyone they meet.

So if you're thinking about buying for a newborn here are the things I was asked about:

At first it was the hand knitted pieces Kathryn was often in:

Anna was regularly asked about her lovely Shuktara blanket:

When the children were crawling about the toy they all wanted was the wooden car Markus had given Kathryn when she was playing in his workshop:

Although the pull along horse was also a favourite when the car couldn't be found [Mummy sometimes hid the car to stop the arguments]

Now my horse coat rack has been admired and commented on while the little ones hang up their coats!

Anna covets our memory quilt and I their personalised breakfast set.

Now I realise envy is one of the seven sins, but I'm not only indulging myself here - I'm spoiling my child, and hopefully her future children as well!

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