Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Simply Crochet- In the press


Crochet is a terminology used to describe a process of making fabric with a hook. The name is derived from the french word "crochet" meaning "hook". Many new Mums try to learn to knit or crochet when they find out they are pregnant, hoping to be able to make the new arrival something gorgeous while pregnant. For those less successful there are always our beautiful hat and bootie sets.

In the 19th Century during the Great Irish famine, crochet was introduced as a form of famine relief. A therapeutic form of relief allowing the crocheted lace to become a way of making money for the improvised Irish worker.

The unik crochet team are an inspired mother and daughter duo combining each of their talents to create exquisite handmade clothes and gifts with love and care, inspired by their childhood. Both come from Kosovo where handmade crafting is a tradition. They were raised mostly with handmade clothes and their homes were decorated mostly with things made by themselves. Nyjomza, learnt crafting from her mum; her mother learnt it from her mum, her grandma learnt it from hers and Njomza’s daughter  who is only 3 and half  is being taught by her. Her twin baby girls are still a little small to learn.
Her gift is something so special that Nyjomza has decided to share her gift in a different way. She decided to make her precious baby sets to pass on further as a gift to someone that they didn't know. 

Their style is eclectic, a combination of vintage, traditional with modern. Traditional details and crafting methods are used to create the contemporary items. The clothes and accessories are all handmade using the highest quality natural, organic and Eco-friendly materials and come in a wealth of beautiful and natural colors. What makes them special is that every design has the nostalgic feel of days gone by. 
Cotton is soft, breathable and it is cool against the skin. Its beauty and natural comfort make the world a better place. It's often the first fibre we touch when we are born into the world. The beautiful pieces are mostly made in London with some piece being made in her home of Kosovo.

Mother and Daughter work closely with job creation programs in Kosovo, giving female survivors of the Kosovo war the confidence and the financial means to support themselves and their families. When you buy a nyoki product from u-ni-k, you are helping to rebuild their lives. Every nyoki product made helps to continue a secret tradition and skill of handcrafting, that would be lost without nyoki’s special love and care continuing the age old tradition.

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