Thursday, 21 June 2012

Flowery Boys

Having come from a family of all girls (the middle one of three ) when I found out I was expecting a little boy at my 20 week scan I was over joyed but a little bewildered.

What do boys wear? What do they play with? What this, what that?
Yes i know the answers are simple but for me it has been very much a learning curve.

Miss naughty is very much a mini me. Since she was tiny I have adorned her with my love of flowers by dressing her in pretty flowery leggings, flowery blankets, flowery dresses and surrounding her with flowers in the garden.

One of the stupid things I worried about whilst pregnant with BIG boy bump was how can I put my little boy to sleep under a Shuktara blanket...they are floral!!! Can boys do flowers? I just didn't know. To me a Shuktara blanket is a baby basic. A blankie for comfort, a easy washable bed piece, a pretty accessory, a picnic blanket and a breathable blanket in Summer and Winter. Perfection.
I loved Ida's flowers and just couldn't work out what I was going to do with my coming boy.

I had an image of the little boy inside me already, a gentle BIG bear.

He is pretty much just that except  with white blond rather then the dark hair I had in my mind.
I decided the only thing to do was to wait for the boy himself to arrive and then see the face and then contemplate what to do.

And I can happily say that smiley  handsome BIG bear Samson is perfect with certain florals. See what I mean.

So.....the moral to my tail is... 
flowers can be boy and girl...
you just need to find the right flower!

Here is another handsome boy that looks good sleeping under his flowery blanket. Sam's little friend James.

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