Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Conundrum

Rude Mummies.

If your a Mum or Dad you'll have to face it at sometime, if you haven't already.
This is the Conundrum I was put in yesterday.

The little naughty is happily in his the pushchair scoffing a sandwich.
The Big Naughty is happily playing in the park. Up and down the slide, happily entertaining herself with Mr Elephant. I'm hovering between the two.
Another child starts shoving the Big Naughty. After a few shoves no Mummy tells him off so I do. I simply tell him to stop it and thats it's naughty. I didn't shout, I barely raised my voice. I simply stopped him shoving my daughter.

Rude Mummy intervenes and tells off her son and then tells me off! Apparently I was supposed to stand by and let her son pick on my daughter while she missed the whole incident. Only she tells her son off! Then her friend rudely calls me names that are highly inappropriate.

I know every child will do this at some point. And I know that Mummies, despite trying, cannot and do not have eyes in the backs of their heads.
However I'd like to think that when my two do kick/shove/hit another child, if I do miss the incident in question, that despite being mortified that someone else has had to chastise my child, that I would scold my child, make my child apologise to the injured child and I would then apologise to the other mother.

I understand us Mummies are protective and sometimes highly sensitive when it comes to our offspring and their welfare. We can sometimes over react.  However I will not allow, and nor would I expect anyone else to watch their own child being hurt. I will intervene and I will stop a child being hurt.

Notes on a postcard on your thoughts and advice about Rude Mummies and Conundrums with children.

Rant over


  1. :( A friend of mine recently faced a similar sort of conundrum. Her house is located next to a primary school. She was driving past the school when a child ran out of the road straight in front of her car. She braked and avoided hitting the child, but got out of the car to chastise the child (gently) for running onto the road.....only to then be castigated (very rudely....use of the bxxxx word)for not watching where she was driving. Fortunately my mummy friend managed to stay calm enough (and this is the trick here i think if you want to be able to get your point across)to say that if she had been walking with her child, instead of sitting in the car on the opposite side of the road and watching him from the comfort of the front seat, then they wouldn't be having to have the conversation they were having.
    I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.....
    Unfortuntely there are many parents out there whose liberal potty mouths never fail to shock....it's depressing :(

  2. Thanks for your comment Natalie.
    Goodness me, she did terribly well to keep her cool. I think you are right, keeping cool and level headed is the way forward with Mummies like this!

  3. After my experience with a similar mother, my suggestion is just to head-butt them when they start being rude to you ;-)

  4. Ale!!! I did think that the other Mummy was lucky that I didn't have you or Sarah in tow x