Thursday, 12 July 2012

Finding a perfect Home 2

A lovely new home for our beautiful Shuktara blanket.

This blanket has a very very new owner.
This beauty has the very new baby Elsie to snuggle up with every day and night. When she is freshly out of the bath the cotton layers keep her warm.

Sitting beside the vintage curtains, the mobile her mummy made her and the Vintage Care Bear, I am sure this blanket will be well loved and well used. Elsie already is rarely seen without it!

Ssshhhh......the very lucky lady, Elsie P also got a single bed size blanket as a  special treat from her Aunty A. A blanket big enough to sleep with when she is a teenager, take to her first flat and remind her of home and then put over her knees when she is a old lady as she drinks her tea and does the crossword just like her Daddy. But thats another story altogether ...

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