Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sentimental Music

"Their" song

For Mummies everywhere, I know we are a sentimental bunch!
Especially when our new born’s are super new and our whole lives have lovingly changed over night.

I know I found music a very sensitive subject when my little ones were born. Certain music made me smile, others made me blub and some music was just meant to be the little ones theme tune! I found music a way of sharing a special, perfect moment with my new little ones. A simply sway, a musical bob or a naughty jig. I still find it a lovely way to share a moment.

I know plenty of Mums and Dads who have had the same relationship with music since having a baby.  Some because a certain song was the first song they listened to after baby was born. Others  because they felt a certain empathy towards the lyrics. Or simply because the tempo and feeling fitted their little one perfectly or the way they were feeling.

So with that in mind, I ask you if your baby or little one has a theme tune or  a “their song”?
And, I share with you some songs I know are special to few little ones and their parents I know.

A beautiful song that was the first song a New Mum and Dad listened to almost a year ago!
Master H's song. Happy almost Birthday Master H.

Most certainly a “their song” moment for a very new baby I know. Perfectly beautiful just like baby.

Music I bopped to when my biggest naughty was tiny.
Most certainly replicates her energy and cheekiness!! Even now she is saying AGAIN MUMMY as she flings and spins herself round the room!

Perfect songs to capture perfect moments.

Because, happy tears are important!

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