Thursday, 5 July 2012

Walkabout Wednesday, my little routine!

Anna and I are often asked how we manage to run u-ni-k while keeping up with active toddlers, houses with building work going on, and wild gardens that need tending to!

Well as well as the loving support of our friends and family; we also have a routine. Now while the bed, brush, book, and bed routine for the toddlers is steadfast - the routine that helps us out the most is more to do with us rather than the kiddies.

Finding time for a personal routine is key, but only if you manage to keep it!

Wednesday's are Anna and I's 'routine day'. For Anna it's meeting up with other Mummies at a toddler's play group; letting The Naughty play with her friends while Anna has a much needed chat with a cup of coffee.

While for DangerBaby and I, Wednesday is our Wisley day or walking day. No matter the weather we head on outside for some fresh air and run around! We see lots of plants and animals on our walk around and DangerBaby can now moo, quack, buzz, jump and approach wild insects & animals with care.

See if you know some of the creatures we see on our walks:


At the moment our favourite creatures are spiders, bees and ducks. We see a lot of bees and ducks but yesterday we saw something else... and it had it's own babies.

We know what it is... do you?

Answers in the comments later!

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  1. Bee, butterfly, spider, blackbird, and.... a female pheasant with her babies!