Monday, 9 July 2012

Monday mentor.... Jason Lee

As readers of the blog know my project this year is to improve my photography skills. I've covered the basics in earlier blogs and I'm practicing everyday. However I am many years away from the skill of this creative Dad.

You've probably seen one of his photo's posted as a 'Friday Funny' or as an email sent around to other weary parents. This is because Jason Lee's photography of his two Daughters is staged in such a way that the humour of being a parent and sibling is the story of the photo!

I think this is the iconic photograph of his Daughters we have all seen:

Although my favourite has to be:

Jason Lee is actually a wedding photographer, the photos of his Daughters is part of his blog and Flickr stream. He lives in the USA and travels all over the states taking beautiful drawings.

I heartily recommend following Kristina&Kyla on Facebook, Jason on Flickr and taking a look at JWL Photography's website. Jason is a very talented artist that would inspire anyone, especially a parent with a camera.

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Hope you've enjoyed the talents of Jason Lee.