Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A lot can happen in a year!

Today I celebrate my little boy Samson’s
(aka BIG Boy Bump, SamSam, Tsar, BamBam and naughty number 2)  
first Birthday.

The BIG 1

A lot can happen in one year. For starter’s my little boy has grown into a fully fledged coal eating, mud cramming in mouth and scattering round my house, walking, sort of talking, charming sweet little boy. He’s shocked me into the world of little boys. He throws, he chews, he bangs and he eats EVERYTHING!!! Literally everything. Cardboard, dirt,  bugs, you name it he’ll try it. And enjoy it and have it again. A delicacy! 
Such a lot of growing to make something so small turn into something so BIG and charming. He has a gorgeous sense of humour, a very cheeky personality and most certainly knows his own mind. And he’s such a BIG handsome boy! And i think looking like my Dad, his Granddad Allan everyday.

In the same way, little u-ni-k has grown. In the year that Sam has been around, u-ni-k has flourished and grown into a beautiful international company. Yes we have clients in Australia don’t you know!

Here is a little of what has happened in Sam’s first year.

Our cheeky paper friends featured in The Telegraph’s Christmas gift guide as well as our baby blankets in The Telegraphs S T Kids.

Our beautiful baby blankets featured in the beautiful Selvedge magazine.

Samson himself and u-ni-k had a little preview in Baby Surrey’s Welcome to the World feature.

Our beautiful newly designed Website has grown and become something wonderful. I am very proud of its look and the coverage it and our beautiful gifts have achieved. The website is all Sarah’s handy work may I say! Sarah you make beautiful ideas come to life. Thank you for being the women “who knows” with website stuff. Without Sarah’s know how u-ni-k would not be! 

We’ve been shortlisted for a Mumpreneur award and managed to wangle ourselves a #WOW award from Jacqueline Gold herself!  Whoop Whoop!

Lily Allen’s little baby Ethel has a Shuktara baby blanket to snuggle up to at night.
And lots of lovely other babies and children get to treasure their u-ni-k gifts everyday.

We have new beautiful makers added to the website, like the beautiful patchwork blankets made from your babies old baby grows and muslins made by the lovely Susan. What Mum can throw away those tiny little baby grows!?? The perfect Keepsake for Mum and baby!

So what’s in line for u-ni-k's next year?

New suppliers in the pipeline…. beautiful new things to share with you all.

Most certainly weird and wonderful tales and musing from Sarah and I.

Plenty more Friday funnies….we always have plenty of humour !

A Theo Paphitis #SBS award perhaps?

A mention in a book?

And new babies ??

Who knows!


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