Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Unique Christening

I’ve been invited to a family Christening.
Being a Proprietor for a bespoke baby gift website has put me under pressure to produce the best, most unique and extremely exquisitely personal Christening gift for the baby.

So, tick tick tick…. my mind races and thinks, what do I buy?
I think back to my blog of last year when I looked at Traditional Christening gifts. I am sure the silver money box, silver spoons etc will be covered by the many guests and family members who have been invited.

I want to give something special that is delicate like baby, super personal and replicates the size and fragility that is so quickly lost forever. Something very special but still being a little traditional. Ummmmmmm…..

Wow, what a task I have set myself.

Then, My Eureka moment!!


In Ida’s memory box sits the perfect thing amongst the Champagne cork we celebrated her birth with, her first shoes and her hospital tag.

A treasure that’s special for me, as a Mum as it’s a moment captured, and something that can be worn and treasured or simply kept special and hidden as a reminder of when baby was tiny and delicate. Something the child can keep and treasure forever.

A beautiful delicate silver charm capturing babies smudged fingerprint dent.

A treasure for Mum and baby.


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  1. I am still hoping I could have this as my little girl's christening giveaway.