Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Finding a perfect HAPPY home, with Winifred

Winnies Story

Winifred has used her Shuktara blankets from the moment she came home from the hospital; to make any place cosy and beautiful.
Even in an old wheelbarrow!  
They are most often found in her cot for her to sleep under as they keep her just the right temperature, but they always come with her when we go away and on special outings. We love them.

They will be cherished forever.

Thank you A. xxx 

You all met Winifred Judy Rose in my little blog of last year. Her Mummy Lucy and Daddy Gregor happily shared this little picture of her, snuggled under her new Shuktara blanket when she was a few weeks old.  If you missed it have a read here. Today, Winfred and her Mum have lovingly shared these lovely pictures of Winnie using her blankets through her very first year.

When choosing a blanket for Lucy, one of my dearest friends, I couldn't quite decide which floral or colour to choose. Lucy and Gregor had decided to keep the gender of little Winnie a surprise so I was in a little conundrum as to which flower would suit new baby.
So I decided the only thing to do was to describe both new Mum and Dad to be to David of Shuktara, the guru of flowers, and ask him to make a blanket for both Mum and Dad. Hoping baby boy or girl would be a little reflection of their Mum and Dad.
As always, David managed to choose the floral's perfectly.

Winnie's Mum is a magical seamstress with a passion for all that is vintage. She has combined her love of vintage with her wonderful talent of sewing and together with her new passion, Winfred, she has made exquisite 1950's baby painting smocks that work perfectly as little dresses for little ones.

Luckily for us she has agreed to make some extra special things for us, under her "made in Somerset by Lucy Lichfield" label...coming soon!


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