Thursday, 16 August 2012


The post war baby names are making a come back with Harry topping the 2012 most popular baby boys name this year.

Names like Elsie, Primrose, Ava, Florence, Evie, Jack, Alfie, Archie and Henry have been slowly making a come back over the past few years. With celebrities naming their children Ethel (Lily Allen) Betsy (Denise Van Outen) and Pearl (Jack Osbourne) all following the trend choosing pretty post war names for their new babies. My eldest is an Ida Lillian Rosalie, all names being a little granny. Her middle names were chosen after her late Grandma, Nanny and Nan. Her forename was chosen due to it's antique feeling and simplicity. 

We are all born followers! When Kylie Minogue graced our screens as Charlene in Neighbours the late 1980’s, the name Kylie shot to the top of the most popular name list. It seams we are continuing to follow with Amelia and Harry topping the baby names this year. Perhaps a homage to X Factor!?

Certain names, however, are just not seaming to appeal to the birthing generation.

If we don’t act soon, names like Derek and Maureen will soon be disappearing from the baby naming books. 
In 1934 Derek was the 14th most popular baby name for little boys in England and Wales. Three decades ago Maureen was the second most popular baby name. But have you heard of a new baby recently being called Derek or Maureen? Apparently last year only 22 babies born were named Derek, 11 were named Malcolm and only 13 Trevor.

So, do we follow a trend and name our new babies after the Jessica’s and Mo’s (Ennis and Farah) that have recently raced and jumped across our screen or do we opt for a more individual name?

Pregnant Mummies, think about saving the Barbara’s, Joyce’s, Phyllis, Reginald and Boris’s from extinction.
Italian Stallion’s Mummy- baby boy 2 would be a perfect contender for Derek or perhaps Reginald?! No?

So with this new found knowledge of the name George and Bella becoming more popular, I propose we start a new following, with-

Save the name- name your baby Derek today!!

Any takers??

•As always, thanking Shaun Keaveney of 6music radio for the inspiration of my blog today. His two boys are called Wilfred and Arther by the way!!


  1. In 2007 we named our son Charlie - 7th in the top 100 UK baby boy names that year #epicfail
    In 2008 we named our daughter Megan - 15th in the top 100 UK baby girls names that year #fail
    In 2011 we named our daughter Olive - not even in the top 100!! #score

  2. Fabulous!!! Well Done Joanne.
    I just need to convince someone about naming Derek now!!

    1. Have done. We're one of the 22...

  3. Yay!! Well done anonymous!
    Loving knowing there is a very tiny little Derek out there!