Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Memories to be cherished, in a box or a book!

This week we've launched Anna's beautifully decoupaged memory boxes; made from sustainable wood and hand finished by the talented Anna they make the perfect gift for any new baby!

All parents collect momentos of their baby's childhood: the hospital name tag, first shoes, a lock of baby hair, a ticket stub of their first journey... just about anything that will bring back memories of that first special moment that baby did something for the first time.

Anna keeps The Naughties pieces in their own boxes, Ida's box (seen here) has been decorated in a woodland theme as Ida is very much an outside girl with an impish (or faerie) zest for life. Her beautiful box incorporates all the essential elements of a british woodland and if you look carefully a special selection of cherished family photos of her grandparents. A wonderful treasure box that she'll love to go through and ask her parents all about the stories associated with the treasured keepsakes. Find out more about the memory boxes and buy one for your little one here!

I however keep a baby book, probably because my parents kept a baby book for both my siblings and me. Mine shows a number of special moments captured forever within this precious time capsule. I've tried to keep the tradition going with Kathryn and her book sits proudly alongside mine waiting for more pieces.

Here's a few pictures of my baby book!

I looked everywhere for a lovely brightly coloured baby book that reflected the one from my childhood but couldn't find one anywhere... So I've pasted pieces of Kathryn's childhood so far over the book I bought for her...

About 12months after starting Kathryn's we have discovered the Fill and Tell - My Best Book About Me. This is a wonderful baby book that is full of bright colours and pieces that make the story all about baby!

So however you want to cherish those baby first moments, with a book or a box - we have selected the best of each and they're available to buy at u-ni-k gifts.

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