Thursday, 18 April 2013

Glorious Green & Growing

This week we celebrate all things green, glorious and growing!
It’s National Gardening Week.

With the final comings of spring, buds are at last gracing us with their presence, flowers are suddenly blooming and coats have been discarded.
It’s time to get outside.
If you’re a green-fingered soul then grab a pair of wellies, get your little ones outside and dig dig dig!
It’s time to get planting those seeds that you’ve been too frightened to over the last few weeks, patiently waiting for Spring to arrive.
Get planting! It's now time.

If you’re a little less adventurous, grab a few eggshells, some cress seeds and some damp cotton wool. Cover till the seeds sprout and then keep the cotton wool damp to encourage speedy growth.
Lots of fun decorating the eggs and more fun watching their curly hair sprout.
Your little ones will love it!

If your afraid of getting your little ones clothes a little dirty whilst gardening, these are the perfect answer. Winifred's Pinnies.

*Wisley Gardens have lots of lovely adventures for little ones on this week. One of the important things they are encouraging this week is to plant Wild Flowers. Click here to find out why.

*For more inspiration on gardening with Children here are two fabulous books I've stumbled across.
Garden Crafts for Children: Dawn Issac ISBN 9781908170255
The Book of Gardening Projects for kids: Whitney Cohen & John Fisher ISBN 9781604692457

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