Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Teacup Tuesday... it's not just about the kids!

Well, this week we've been processing orders and doing a bit more due diligence on the 'things for Mummies' section of the website (if our due diligence pays off then this will be 'coming soon').

We've found some more talented makers...

We've opened a world of opportunity!

A letterpress printer; would you like some lovely Mummy stationary? A welcome to the world printed poster, personalised pieces?

We've found a weaver who works magic on an old fashioned loom... scarves, throws, wall hangings?

We're looking for more makers that will make something beautiful for Mummies! How about a jeweller? A milliner? A cordwainer (makes shoes, cobblers fix them)?

What would you like to see? Just for Mummies...

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