Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Maker- Mr Flowers aka David Earp

Meet David, David Earp. Or as I call him Mr Flowers. He was one of my super egg friends who sent my first little baby, Ida, the most beautiful blankets and for me was a true inspiration to the beginning of u-ni-k gifts. Gifts as unique as the babies they are bought for. Given with such thought and care and made with love.
His blankets are beauties and totally individual. Each finds the perfect happy home. Each is special and each has been made with much loving caring hands.
Read a little about David and his love of flowers and what inspired him to make his beautiful blankets in the forthcoming months blogs.

 Name: David Earp

Year of Birth: 1959

Current City: London - Calcutta

Company name: ANTIMACASSAR

How would you describe a typical Sunday?

Sunday is no different to any other day of the week.  It starts and ends the same way - in bed.

And here a quite obvious question: How did you become a talented crafts person / designer

I had a stall in Portobello road for years and when I went to India to start shuktara I kind of neglected the textile side of my personality, but as a fund raising tool to raise money for running the homes, I started putting vintage cottons together to make blankets.

What inspired you to do this?  

I had seen used fabrics in the villages in India all stitched together haphazardly for warmth and these were my inspirations.

Its Fill-in-the-blanks time. So, please fill in the blanks:
I love big florals  because they make me smile - always!

If I could live anywhere I'd live in a big house in Hampstead.

If I weren’t a designer / maker , I would be  a stall holder at Portobello road.

People who like afternoon tea will like my creations.


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