Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tea cup Tuesday:The art of Thank you

I read a status update on Facebook from a lovely friend about gratitude & thank yous.

"Call me old fashioned but have we lost the art of thank you cards?!"

No no no no no!!!
I'm big at thank you' s. Even if they may be late, (normally very late in my case) my little ones always send a thank you card for Birthdays & Christmas gifts. OK, at 19 months Sam may be too young to actually write a card but I have already started Ida on thank you drawings to grandparents and she even coloured most of the thank you cards I bought for Christmas gifts.

I like the art of communication it incurs & the sentiment of thank you.
It installs manners and as importantly confirms that a gift is appreciated. Initiating confidence that the buyer got it right and choose a really good gift.

Thank you doesn't always have to be about saying thank you for a gift. They can be about acknowledging a service, a compliment or action. A thank you for being there or a thank you for doing something. Both equally as important as any thank you.

I don't think there are enough thank you cards in the world. For whatever reason.
They make you happy and they make you smile.

As my blog earlier this year talked about gift giving being just as important and special to the buyer as it is to the recipient. Just as a gift of thanks is just as special to both.

So Zoe, the inspiration for my little Teacup Tuesday, most certainly not. I believe the Art of Thank you cards should be cherished and kept.

thank you

 a polite expression used when acknowledging a gift, service, orcompliment, or accepting or refusing an offer thank you for your letter no thank you, I don't believe I will.noun
an instance or means of expressing thanks Lucy planned a party as a thank you to the nurses [as adj. thank-you letters. 

Our Little Thank you Pigeons

DO IT! Send a thank you card to someone today!

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