Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Teacup tuesday- the joy of gifting

With a weekend full of Easter gifts, 1st Birthday gifts and prospective birthday talk (a few on the list) I have been thinking a lot about gifts.....again!

I love buying gifts. I think everyone does, no?
Especially if the person you are buying for is a loved one or a special friend. The thinking, finding, buying and wrapping is a lovely feeling. The waiting and then giving, watching as the gift is unwrapped and then waiting to see if the gift is loved....it's an exciting moment.
But, sometimes people don’t always get it right. It’s hard finding the perfect thing.  I love giving a gift far more than receiving one. Perhaps the reason why I have gone into the gifting market. Although I do now struggle now that time is limited with two toddlers!

Are you the type of person who instantly shows they don’t like a gift and asks for a receipt or to exchange it?
Or are you the type to gratefully receive it and either find it a new home or keep it and love the fact that someone has taken time to think of you, even if they have got it horribly wrong?

Buying for a child that isn’t your own is hard. Especially a new baby. Trying to satisfy the parent and the child is a pretty much impossible task. I am a Mum of an almost three year old and although I know that not everything she receives is my taste, she quite honestly LOVES gifts of every shape and size. And normally the gifts I don’t like (the pink sparkly, dolly, girly, frilly type ones) she adores. The gifts are for her and who am I to say what she should like and not like. She has her own mind, taste and preferences. She's a little girl after all! Strong minded and of strong opinions.

Gift giving is a lovely thing. Something to show you care. Something to show you love the person. For me having a “gift” list eliminates the love out of the equation. Yes sometimes it’s essential to avoid the multiple toaster fiascos at weddings and especially when parents have a “need” list due to money constraints. But in my mind, when buying a gift for someone special, like a best friends wedding or a grand daughters 1st birthday, the thought, choice and love that goes into buying a gift is as important as the gift itself.

So, Mums and Dads- spare a thought when listing “wants” that you wish for your child rather then leaving the element of surprise.  Or adding a newly received present to the charity bag (I am guilty of this too) because you don't like it. Are you sure the little one doesn't actually love it!
Sometimes the thought that goes into a gift is as important as the gift itself. And the gift is not for you but your child!

Gift giving is a voluntary act. 
Gifts mean you love and care.
That's what is important.
Sometimes we all forget that.

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