Thursday, 11 April 2013

Made to Order, Make it special

We make, where possible to order. 
Which means we can personalise. 
We work closely with most of our makers to offer a bespoke service.
This can envolve many types of personalisation. 
You can add a name, choose a special colour, finger print, choose a theme,
ask for a porcelain portrait of a favourite Teddy friend,
or simply choose the fabric of your preference.
 Here are a few of the personalised gifts we have made, and the services that are available.

Edinburgh Silver bangles
Bangles can be engraved with the child’s name and D.O.B

Porcelain Breakfast & Bathroom sets
Sets can be personalised to show the child’s favourite toy, place or simply a replicated drawing of themselves with their favourite rubber duck or meal

Wooden Memory Boxes
Boxes can be personalised with family images hiding beneath the woodland scenes or unisex bunny & teddy decoupage with the pages from a baby book baring the child’s first name.

Personalised Bunting and Mice Sets
Unique vintage fabrics are chosen to make ever length of bunting and matching mice bespoke. Additionally the child’s first name can be sewn into the bunting. Perfect for a child’s nursery.

Breakfast Boards
Our animal boards can be personalised with the child’s name written on the board.
We have even had a commission of a sheep board make especially for a Welsh man.

Ride on Toys
Our ride on toys come with personalised number plates, if you so wish!

Fingerprint Jewellery
Every fingerprint is unique. Therefore every piece of fingerprint jewellery is too.

Knitted Animals
If you child has a favourite colour, ask us and Larry Lamb or Bert Bunny can come with a jumper or scarf knitted in that colour.

Anything is possible.
We never say no, so ask. 
You never know, we may be able to offer you something even more unique then you hoped.
We can help you make a lovely product even more special.
We gift wrap everything beautifully.
It the cherry on the top!

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