Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday maker- A new box for a new little boy

In addition to my 4 week series of blogs, here is my NEW product.
Made especially for my new nephew Freddy.
A little field mouse called Felix.

Felix the field mouse lives in the field next to Freddy's house.
He has a job. A job to look after Freddy and keep him safe.
He'll watch from afar as he grows bigger, plays with his brother Henry 
and learns to walk, talk and explore.
He'll make sure all his dreams are sweet ones, 
and all his giggles are hearty ones.
Best of all, this box with a little picture of Felix on
 will help treasure all the the fun he has with his family.
And keep it safe.

Freddy Arthur this is made especially for you with MUCH LOVE

A x

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