Thursday, 29 August 2013

Where did yesterday's blog go? (When IT fails...)

Yesterday was Wordless Wednesday, & I uploaded an image taken from my phone - used the Blogger App to post it with an amusing caption about what happens if you let little people make the decisions.

I posted the link to Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn... all the usual places. But when I logged in this morning, it seems to have disappeared. There's no sign of it anywhere... [those old enough to remember the Twilight Zone music should be making the 'wooo-OOOO wooo-OO' sounds now].

So what happens when your IT world fails you?

We've changed internet service providers twice over the past two years due to poor service, poor customer service & IT failures. For an online company, working IT systems are paramount. It's the

foundation of most of our business - if we're not available online or without email then it's very hard for everyone bar those who are savvy enough to have our telephone numbers to reach us.

I believe that every business today needs an online presence. The way our society is now shaped by the internet & mobile communication being a little IT savvy is a requirement, not a nice to have.

So when it doesn't work, where does that leave us? Well back to the world of landlines, paper flyers & good old face to face communication. Which isn't readily available when your business is online.

When your IT fails you & old fashioned lines of communication aren't a viable option. You're stuck, as an online business -if you're not online then you're not in business.

I'm just pleased that I'm now back in the land of communication and [touch wood] all my IT projects seem to be working just fine. I'll be making sure that our website is backed up & up to date & that all my lines of communications are working before leaving the house ever again.

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