Thursday, 8 August 2013

Old fashioned proverbs...

Squirrel by Beetroot Press
Anna recently asked my opinion on her new project (I'd been aware she was squirrelling away on something but had no idea what it was). While I gave her my honest feedback (I always give honest feedback - probably the reason why I don't have many female friends as sometimes honesty isn't the best policy), I also wanted to add 'practice makes perfect'.

Which made me think about some of the old proverbs that could be used in crafting!

Practice makes perfect

Well until you try something you don't know if you can do it, and it's nearly always impossible to do something perfectly first time... so you need to practice!

This is especially true for crafting, don't worry about it being perfect. Get stuck in and give it a go (until you do get it right)

What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over

This is especially true of those that love and work with fabric! I'm in no way a seamstress (Anna is), but I love and appreciate fabric - especially old fabric (it's so soft because it's already been loved and the love kind of seeps into the seams of the fabric). So I collect pieces I find, and treasure them thinking I can 'do something' with them at a later date. Hmmm. My fabric hoarding is starting to overfill into a fabric mess.

If I didn't see the pieces of fabric, I'd not miss them. Keep me away from the latest batch of Shuktara blankets.

Necessity is the mother of invention

So very true for everything we make! I couldn't find a suitable, small, black and white toy for my newborn baby. So I turned to my knitting needles and made her one. Anna couldn't find a neutral memory box to collect the Naughties treasures; so she went out and made her own.

We couldn't find a website or shop that sold lovely, unique, handmade treasures...

so we went out and created our own to share with everyone else who'd been looking for alternatives to the mass produced pieces readily available:


  1. I found you from the Craft Blog UK post on facebook and really glad I did. I think honesty is always the best policy, a truly good friend will tell you the truth no matter if its what you want to hear! But then I don't have a lot of female friends either! :)

  2. Hello glad you have joined us.
    Add constructive criticism where ever you like. We are welcomed ears.
    What do you make??
    Anna & Sarah

  3. My partner is the creative one - he makes pretty things with pyrography - I am in charge of the web site, photography and keeping him on track!

  4. The Bird house is beautiful Heidi! Really beautful!