Thursday, 15 August 2013


I love the seasons, I'm not sure if Autumn or Winter is my favourite; probably Autumn for it's colours and the joy that a cold breeze in your face & crunchy leaves at your feet. There's something about a big pile of orange, yellow & brown leaves that brings out the last of the joy of Summer - they just have to be jumped in!

Squirrels are already digging holes in my lawn (burying the hazel nuts as the chestnuts aren't out yet), all my flowers have gone over or already in seed (much collecting in envelopes has already been done), the pumpkins are all bigger than a tennis ball & the sunflower seeds are hanging to dry... and the leaves of my Rowan tree have started to turn (the lower ones).

My garden tells me it's nearly Autumn.

So time to prepare for all those rainy days where DangerMouse is intent on jumping from the sofa to the chair (she loves volcanoes & lava... so I imagine the floor is hot hot lava and hence the jumping).

Here are some of our favourite gifts to keep the rainy day blues away

MIBO - Forrest Friends

Not only is it fun making these (Mummy cuts out & DangerMouse sticks), but they are robust enough to play with afterwards. We make backgrounds from old cereal boxes & paint them. Our merry forrest quartet then goes on an adventure!

Hopping Bunny

Hop little bunny, hop hop hop. This is great for skipping about the kitchen with, sometimes we try to give bunny rides to our other little friends, but they always fall off! Perhaps we need to make some reins for them to hold on to...

Dens - Shuktara blankets make great dens

Our Shuktara blanket makes a great den, we drape it over two facing chair backs & use a sheet for the side walls. The dappled light created by the patched patterned fabrics is quite magical!

Teddy Bears Picnic -

All our favourite knitted friends come for a picnic, we sit on the Shuktara in the lounge. It's always nice to sip tea and chat over a piece of cake!

Of course all of these are available at

Don't forget we gift wrap for free & will deliver for free of charge if you are local!

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