Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Teacup Tuesday- Constructive Criticism

Criticism is a difficult subject. It’s tough, it’s hard and it’s normally quite personal. But I think there are two types.

The Negative & The Positive.

There being only one difference between them.

Is the criticism constructive?

If it is, then it is most certainly positive.
Something you can build on, take on board and learn from. Be open, be transparent and use it to your best advantage.

As a maker & a small business co-owner we use the information we receive constructively. Whether it be a new making we have concocted, a product we have been deliberating over or a successful sale we have made- Feedback on all of these is important.

I am in the process of making a new product. Something I know needs moving on but I was flat and in need of help and encouragement. After falling flatly after asking for some feedback that was simply unhelpful and pretty useless I delved to people I knew would brutally be true. I am now inspired and my head is full of new ways to move it on. If only I had the time

I recently took over running a lovely local little market. Stallholders are inspiring and creative and also wonderfully critical. But in a positive way. Ways to help the market grow thrive and show the perfectly made wares off to their best advantage.

We are lucky at u-ni-k gifts to receive mostly good feedback from Sales. But any that we do receive negative or positive we always work on to make our service better. Recently a lady asked for an alternative to the silk ribbon we use to wrap the gift she was buying as the gift receiver was a Vegan. We always try to aim to please. A this hand made cotton “scrap” ribbon I suggested made from the scraps of the burp cloth from the Memory box made delivered a new ribbon alternative to the silk ribbon.

Recently somebody recommended a great product that I am deliberating over.

Criticism is great and should be used to grow from. So I am delving deeper into researching a little on Survey monkey with a view to suggesting to Sarah we use it to help our little u-ni-k grow.

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