Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Creepy Crawly Paw Prints Story by Holly Skeet

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Meet Albert.
 After the success of his magnificent flea circus had led to a number of other interesting 
and potentially lucrative ideas, Albert wanted to put the insect world on the map.
Albert’s Grand Orchestral Flea Chorus was, for a short while, the hottest ticket around. 
He’d recruited a number of other creatures to join, the most important, of course, 
being Pedro, the choral cat, who made a fabulous host.

Find out about Albert’s future shenanigans in,


A Creepy Crawly Paw Prints Story by Holly Skeet
With pictures by Chris Brown
Printed by Hand and Eye Letterpress

An ideal gift for a young reader, or a grown-up admirer of craftsmanship- a beautifully presented, enchanting story to read and enjoy over and over again.

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