Monday, 17 October 2011

We are Unique

We are Unique.

As the dictionary defines unique, we are one of a kind, unlike anything else and particularly remarkable and special. We named ourselves so because every child is unique.  And to be pedantic we chose to change the spelling because not only did we want to explain in one simple word what we stood for but we also wanted to include our daughters, our first-born’s, into the equation some how. So we re-spelt it using an I for Ida and K for Kathryn.

Now let me explain why we are so different to every other baby website around.

Here is what makes us a cut above the rest.

Our Makers
We have carefully chosen our makers because they are all masters in what they do. Not only are they lovely kind people (Our rule is beautiful people make beautiful things)
Each has been selected as the product that they make is exquisite and the best we could find. In most instances we were so blown away with the quality, we simply had to show everyone our finds. The pieces they make have enriched our own lives along with our daughters, and we felt that we had to share the love!
-Since introducing Shuktara and their wonderful baby blankets to Sarah she hasn’t been able to leave her’s at home. Kathryn carries it everywhere. I know both Kathryn and Ida will love theirs forever and pass them on to their babies when the time comes and the blankets have become super super soft through love, wear and washing. How gorgeous to give your child an heirloom blanket with a difference.
Kathryn with her Shuktara Blanket

-Our Potter, Helen Beard, apprenticed with renowned Edmund de Waal while building her own collection and style.  While on a study trip to Japan she scribbled all her findings and threw pots alongside Taizo Kuroda and came back with the most wonderful group of organically thrown pots with beautifully drawn Japanese studies from real life adorning them.  We’ve been lucky enough to persuade her to add to her whimsical, naughty pots with a collection especially for us. Most definitely worth waiting for. We can’t wait to see them!
These are just examples of two of our very special makers. Masters of their craft.

Our Personal Service
Most baby websites versions of personalisation are adding a name of a child to a gift. At unique we go a little further.
We believe that a personal service goes along way. When you buy a newborn gift for a friend’s new arrival we will remind you the following year to buy a gift for thier first birthday.
We will happily discuss how what you dreamt of buying a little person can be put into realization. If you dream of buying a specific coloured blanket, we will happily find a floral for your baby in a specific colour to match the newly painted nursery. We will even happily email you several florals to view before they are sewn into blankets. We will gift wrap the present you buy, and will happily add a personal note from you. We can arrange for a dress to be made 2 inches longer and for a sweater length to be made 1 inch shorter. That’s what Sarah and I are here for.

Samson with his Yarmood hat & blanket
The Quality 
Where else can you find a cashmere blanket that is so sublimely soft that it feels as close to being back in Mummy’s tummy. Sam has slept underneath his Yarmood Cashmere blanket every night since we have bought him home. The cashmere lets his little body breath. Keeping him warm, as the nights have started to get chilly and keeping him cool when it was warm.
Where else can you find exquisitely gorgeous baby basics in cotton and merino wool at the highest quality? Frillo Swiss made have produced beautiful, high quality basics that are must have's for every new Mum. 

Our Commission service
Most of our makers will happily create something exclusive and special for you. If you want a Annafie dress is a personal fabric we could make it happen. If your tom-boy little girl hates dresses as they get in her way as she crawls across the floor, we will happily organize for one of the rompers to be made up in your chosen floral. You tell us your wishes and we will help them happen.

Our Baby List & Parties
We are happy to help you create your own baby list. A list of what you as a new Mum chooses to have her baby surrounded by during the first months. The first blanket to wrap him in when taking him home, the hand knitted booties in the colour you want to keep her feet warm and the bedding sets for them to sleep in. We will happily help you choose and then host the list so that friends and relatives know what you have chosen. What could be easier!

That is why we are unique. That is why we are special. 
There are many baby gift websites out their selling nappy cakes, rompers saying “Just like Daddy” and Gimmicky bibs with the babies’ names on.
Our gifts are just that little bit different. Beautiful, Individual, Traditional and different. Gifts to last forever. Most things that our makers make are one off’s, meaning each treasure will find a happy home and a gurgling baby to cherish it. Our service is personal. There is nothing that we won’t do to help you. We’ll organize your baby shower and baby list and help you decide what to buy as a present when you can't decide what to buy.

That is why we are u-ni-k.

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