Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Dirty Dorris, our tom-bunny!

I'd like to introduce you to Dorris, she's the little sister of Bella Bunny and is part of the u-ni-k gifts knitted family.
Our youngest family member!

Dorris is not like her big sister, Bella, she's still growing into her ears and most of her clothes. As the youngest member of the Bunny family, Dorris has a lot of preloved clothes. Not that this bothers Dorris, she's not a bunny that cares too much about her appearance. To Dorris one dress is pretty much the same as another. So she can usually be found in an old hooded jumper doing what she likes best. Digging!

Not your average hooded youngster
Yes, our Dorris is an explorer or adventurer – she's always off somewhere digging up ancient artefacts or looking for dinosaur bones. She's happiest outside getting her paws muddy while discovering the next big palaeontological breakthrough. This is how she earned her nickname – 'Dirty Dorris'.

Unlike her sister, Dorris is knitted in cotton. This makes Dorris more hard wearing for the rough and tumble life of an adventurer bunny. Also she can be put through a washing machine cycle for when she really is very dirty.

Both Bella Bunny and Dirty Dorris are knitted from the excellent Babara Prime's Fuzzy Mitten pattern for rabbits. As always, I've adjusted the patterns to the yarns I use but I try to keep as close as possible to the pattern.

Dorris and Bella both take me about a week to knit and their clothes take a couple of days. So if you'd like a Dorris or a Bella, please allow for about 10 days for making & posting.

Dorris and Bella are available to purchase on

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