Monday, 31 October 2011

The clocks have gone back, where's my extra hour?

It's officially no longer summer.

On Saturday night the clocks went back an hour, bringing us into GMT and waving goodbye to British Summer Time. I love the theory that this gives me an extra hour, since the old 8am is now 7am and the Cbeebies bed time hour starts at 5pm – somewhere in the day I should be able to find an extra hour.

Well someone has stolen mine, I think maybe my husband's taken it!!

If I did have that extra hour, what would I do with it?

  1. I'm trying to sew a teddy bear from scrap material. I'd like to finish that.
  2. I need to knit 4 white mice before our first Christmas market [we sell them online as well]
    knitted in bamboo these mice are very soft
  3. I really need to bake some bread, cupcakes, a christmas cake, welsh cakes and some leben kuchen to decorate the christmas tree.
  4. It'd be nice to make a serious dent in Mt. Washing [Mt. Ironing can wait!]
  5. Autumn tidy up of the garden is overdue
  6. I need to paint some shelves
  7. The garden gate needs painting as well
  8. We still have paintings that need hanging after the building work [it's been a year since that finished]
  9. There's always more website work to be done...
  10. Actually, what I would really like to do with my extra hour is drink a hot cup of coffee in peace!

Since I'm going to have to attempt all of the above without the extra hour, I'll be running off now to start at least 3 of the above – completing only one by the end of the week and generally feeling like there's more things on the to do list than on the 'got done' list.

Anyway, prioritise – urgent is not the same as important. So I'm off to spend some time with DangerBaby teaching her how to say 'halloween'.

Have fun with your extra hour!

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