Friday, 7 October 2011

Night terrors, Sweet Dreams & Victoria

My little one has been suffering from night terrors over the past few nights. We think partly due to her baby foot and mouth lurgy and perhaps just her age. We’ve moved house in the past six months, a baby brother has emerged from nowhere who consumes Mummy and Daddy's time and she is no longer the only centre of my world. I have two centres now!!

Her little whimpers, or big wails wake me from my deep slumber in seconds. And without even thinking I’m in her bedroom rocking her tears away and ssshhhhing in her ear. If it’s really bad I may sing a bit to sooth her and perhaps rock her while I tell her a little story made up from silly words and pretty something’s.

To try and stop these terrors at bedtime we have started to follow a strict routine of cuddles, cuddles, milk, stories, cuddles and more cuddles.

Here’s our story for tonight.

Ida's fairy Victoria

One upon a time there was a fairy called Victoria. She lived at the bottom of your garden amongst the overgrown grass and weeds. She’s been there a while as the weeds are very high. When Daddy cuts these weeds down she’ll move house, which she really likes doing. She has many homes in your garden; Her favourite is by the hazelnut bush near your bedroom window. She’s a happy little thing that has one purpose in life, that she is happy to do everyday. Her job is to make Ida happy and to make sure she has sweet sweet dreams. Tonight she is having a night on the tiles…. dancing away. But she’s not far away. Just whisper, 'Victoria, I need you' and your dreams will be sweet ones again. You only need to whisper and she’ll be there. Even if she is dancing. 
If you look closely tomorrow she’ll be eating her breakfast alfresco under the mushrooms by the over grown fir tree’s smiling because her job for the night has gone well.
So sweet dreams pretty girl, Victoria is here just waiting for you to close your eyes and make you happy.

Sweet Dreams baby Sue xx


  1. Lovely Anna, our story is about a little mouse that lives under Daddy's hobby shed...You and I should sit down and write some of this down some day!

  2. a unik book! Lovely x
    Ideas on a postcard please!