Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Make your life a little easier!

 Breakfast board- The Essential Baby Led Weaning tool!

Has your baby decided that solid food is for him/her? Mine did, at nearly 6 months old she crawled over to the old pear tree in the garden and helped herself. From that moment on she refused my attempts at baby rice, mashed up vegetables, and puree baby food from a jar. It was solids for her or nothing.
Breakfast just like Daddy's

Not that I had a clue about baby led weaning, I'd not done any research as I didn't know it existed – I was holding a baby who wanted to suck on pear, or broccoli or anything green (she was a bit colour specific at first). We were still breast feeding at this point, so it was more of an experiment with food rather than her main source of nutriment.

Thankfully Anna had done some research and was a source of information. I was to present DangerBaby with an array of foods, let her touch, feel, taste and explore for herself. She'd soon understand about feeding herself. Oh and don't worry about the chocking, baby's have a very high gag reflex and will usually stop short of actually choking themselves.

Lay out food in front of her?! Hmmmm, mine is very good at picking up those brightly coloured plastic plates – the food goes everywhere!

A solution was to hand. In Germany breakfast is usually served on a wooden platter and for children these are carved into shapes that the children enjoy unveiling as they eat the food from them. Since I'd grown up in Germany I had a few of these breakfast boards! Since they are heavier than plates it's harder for the little ones to pick them up. Once they realise that they're animals there's more fun in pointing and making the animal noises [or signs if you do baby signing]

Hurrah! Now that we are 18ms [nearly] I can arrange a rainbow of colourful food out for my little one on her favourite board. 

As you know, rabbits are big in our house and our Markus Kampe rabbit breakfast board is a favourite. We use it in all our meals – chucky egg and soldiers for breakfast, crudites and cheese with bread for lunch, and perhaps a veggy baby pizza for supper!

Egg & soldiers a favourite

Best of all, you just lift the breakfast board up off the high chair tray with a minimum of fuss to clean in the dishwasher ready for the next day!

If baby led weaning is for you then you should invest in one or two of these fantastic boards. They make life a lot easier.


  1. I want to do baby led weaning with my little man so will be purchasing one of these once the time comes. Such a lovely idea!

  2. Don't forget one for you and your other half! Much more fun if it's a family affair. We have 2 each, so one can be in the dishwasher and we still have one to hand. Check out Anna's post on BLW - it has some book recommendations!