Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A u-ni-k halloween with free downloads!

I was going to write this blog closer to the actual date but a Halloween inspired #playfest has meant we can have some spooky fun earlier than planned!

Very Little Ones
Halloween doesn't have to mean ghosts & monsters, for the little ones it could be a celebration of autumn colours and creatures. The shops are filled with things that are orange, red, purple, green... all autumnal colours (my goes a lovely purple before finally turning red at this time of year). So collect some garden leaves and put them in a mixing bowl, get out your Mibo Forest Friends and hide them under the leaves. Ask your little one where Hannah Hedgehog is hiding...

Little Ones
OK so is Halloween nearly as important as Christmas to your little one? It's all about Monster High and dressing up and FREE SWEETIES?! The excitement of walking about in the near dark dressed as something from your nightmares [for me this would be a 'teenager' oooooooh scary]. Make preparations fun by baking these Halloween Cup Cakes together and using coloured icing or food dye to make them Spoooky CupCakes.

Bigger Kids
Welcome people to your doorstep with one of these u-ni-k pumpkin carvings. I usually start thinking about our Halloween theme in September, but now that all my spare time is taken up being a Mummy or SuperWife or Mumpreneur I'm reusing some of my old designs and I'll share some of them with you this year.

General Instructions
  1. Download the design of your choice & print out
  2. Put your pumpkin on a flat steady surface.
  3. Put a sharp knife or pumpkin cutter within reach.
  4. Put a large bowl or bin (if you don't want to roast the pumpkin seeds later) near you
  5. Cut out the top of the pumpkin at an angle so the pumpkin top looks like this \______/. This way when the candle heat makes the pumpkin top shrink it doesn't fall in on the candle.
  6. Scoop out the stringy insides with a large spoon or pumpkin scoop [if you have one]
  7. Tape your design to the side of the pumpkin
  8. Use a biro to puncture the dots of the design through the paper on to the pumpkin.
  9. Remove the paper design & follow the individual instructions for the designs below.
  10. Do not forget to have fun!!

Cut out the eyes first.
Then cut out the nose
Then cut out the mouth.
>> Pumpkins are usually thicker at the bottom than their tops so you are best off starting at the top
>> Carve with the top off so that light shines through to help you see the final result.
>> Do not worry about going outside of the lines, it all adds to the effect.

Cut out the face first
The folds of the ghost sheet should be scored out not fully cut out – so cut thinly into these and remove the orange peel not the white pith.
Finally cut out the ghost shape last of all. Remember to leave the head, arms and body bits still attached so that you don't just end up with a big hole!

Start with the teeth in the mouth, you don't want to be applying pressure to this area when the skull is only held on by 4 thin pieces.
Then cut out the eye sockets and nasal passages.
Now cut out the bones.
Finally cut out the skull and lower jaw areas remembering to leave those 4 important holds so that your design stays in the pumpkin.


Don't forget to follow this blog as next year I'll share my scary face, batman bat, and dragon designs. Add a touch of the WOW factor to your Halloween doorstep.

Please remember to be safe and seen this Halloween, carry a lantern or torch with you and take a supervisor that is dressed appropriately so that any traffic can see them.

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