Wednesday, 21 December 2011


It’s December Solstice today or the shortest day of the year. 
This means that the sun has reached the most southerly point for the Northern Hemisphere. Meaning it also marks the point that the days start to get longer and the evening start to get shorter. So although it is our shortest day of daylight…. we have all things BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL to look forward to!

With that theme in mind I thought I would share all things wise and wonderful that we will be sharing with you in 2012.

New Makers and New Collaborations
2012 means new beginnings and we have new makers just round the corner and collaborations of exclusive unik gifts that are in the pipeline ready to launch soon! Keep your eyes peeled
New Vintage section
Some toys are just meant to last and we’ve managed to find some that have and we love. So we’ll be launching a vintage section of treasures to the website to accompany the gorgeous products we already have.

Our own Mummy made makes the Website!
Yes…we’ve been multitasking mummies and managed to get ourselves organised enough to make some treasures to share with you. As well as knitting her Squashies and softies, Sarah scribbles and paints and her little fella Freddie bunny and dancer will be gracing us with their presence on the website very soon.
I’ve finally made Ida’s personalised treasure box. And with 2012 almost upon us will be making bespoke and commissioned boxes for your little ones treasures.

And the future plans
I plan to make my own unik unisex easy to put on and take off collection of simple baby clothes. Fingers crossed my little ones will give me enough time to do it!
We plan to re-vamp the website again to make it easier and more inspiring for you to navigate round. Will let you know when it’s done and dusted and ready to view!

So with an exciting New Year almost upon us…I can’t wait for 2012 to begin!!

Pull those crackers, wiggle those hips and pop those party poppers, spring and 2012 is almost upon us!!

We are looking forward to all things BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL!!

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