Tuesday, 13 December 2011

It’s Quality not Quantity


The price of Christmas: £112.50 per child- The Telegraph, 4th December 2011, Adam Lusher

“It is the debate that rages between parents every year: how much to spend on the children's Christmas presents?
This year the discussions are likely to be tenser than ever, with incomes stretched and jobs at risk.
To keep costs under control, parents have adopted different strategies - with some setting a strict limit on spending per child.
Many are reluctant to discuss the issue, not least because of the role played by Father Christmas in delivering the gifts. But a new straw poll suggests that parents will spend an average of £112.50 per child this year, covering everything from a main gift to stocking-fillers.
Retail experts say hard-pressed families are likely to carry on spending on children's presents even while cutting back in other areas”

I stumbled across this article the other day after a conversation with Sarah at our little one’s Christmas party. As we cheered over our little ones dancing and ohhhhhed and arhhhhed over the twinkly lights we talked about the abundance of gifts that we expected to receive that we wish hadn’t been bought. See Sarah’s blog from last week “Ask Mum”.  
So after reading this article and having a chat with Sarah we decided that QUALITY was most definitely more important than QUANTITY.  Especially when money is tight and pennies are being counted by all.
So this Christmas make sure you buy one gorgeous treasure that will last a lifetime rather then sack loads and stocking full’s of gifts that will either break or be thrown away when the Christmas sparkle is over.
Sarah and I are being wise this year and spending our money on gifts that are real treasures and will last forever.

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  1. Hi sarah nice meeting you on sunday, great website love the keepsake gifts, sarah and khloe x

  2. Hi Sarah, i'll pass on your messgae to Sarah- we share the blogging! Happy Christmas Anna x

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