Monday, 12 December 2011

When Royal Mail Fails...

It’s very simple, we have Christmas at the same time every year and every year we all send endless amounts of Christmas cards and gifts via Royal Mail.
And still a simple task of popping to the post office yesterday to post off our Christmas shopping for clients turned into a fiasco! Poor Sarah…three Post Offices with no joy! Apparently the computers systems blew up or something! Don't big companies know to plan's all in the preparation! And we all know what date Christmas is, no? It's the same date every year!

As past years have dictated, we are all shopping more and more on-line. With busy busy lives and not enough hours in the day it is simpler to buy from a trusted website that gift-wrap and deliver to your door with a few simple clicks (Just like us, hint hint honk honk).

So with Christmas just around the corner we have Plan B all set so tomorrow or for the next week and a bit when we pop to the Post Office and Royal Mail will predictably let us down in some way  (no service, or predictable long long queues) we have a fail proof back up!!! A fast efficient and equally priced service without having to queue! A courier company.

Wise Mummies who laterally think and always plan ahead.


Thank goodness for that!
Our happy shoppers won’t be left without gifts to give this Xmas!

* FYI we love our local postmistress’s and masters and know them on first name terms and by no means want anyone to think this blog is a moan at them. We think you are brilliant!

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