Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Snow is coming...are you prepared?

It's been really chilly these past few days and the north of the UK are already experiencing snow. The white washed images on our news channels are a horror to some and a joy to others.

I'm in the latter group, as a winter baby I love this season but I'm also prepared for it. Like most things in nature, snow and the ice that comes with it deserves respect. With the wintery past few years here in the UK there is no excuse in everyone to invest in some basic snow survival pieces. Here's my top tips to help you cope with the snowy weather!

Snow boots
Essential! Warm, waterproof foot wear with a decent grip. I am agog at people who go out in snow in trainers?! It's amazing that they manage to stray off their doorstep. Trainers are not waterproof - so the feet are wet nearly instantly and wet feet on cold ice in snow are cold feet. I see people out in wellies, while seemingly sensible these still have the down fall of not having the correct grip... you're quite likely to fall over in wellies. Wellies are MUCH better than trainers though. I ask everyone to pop to their local garden centre and buy a pair of snow boots. Really they will change your mind about snow forever! If you don't have a local garden centre then at least ensure your welly treds are deep and not worn!

Snow shovel
It is your duty as a homeowner to clear the pavement in front of your home, and if you have an elderly neighbour you should clear their paths as well. There are people (toddlers, Mummies with babies, pregnant ladies... to name a few) that need the solid ice free surface of a cleared path. Clearing a path is miserable if you don't have a snow shovel. Try not to shovel it straight onto a road... shovelled snow into a garden or a green makes great snowballs or the start of a snowman!

Hat, scarf, gloves
Lovely hats available
Keep warm this winter, knit your own set of hat, scarf and gloves if you have to but you should always have some of these clothing accessories to hand. Being cold makes people miserable, so wrap up warm. If you don't have a hat for your little one, pop over to the Nyoki part of u-ni-k we have lots of lovely ones!

And most important of all if you are a parent:

DangerBaby enjoying
last years snow!
Snow is fun! Find a hill that doesn't end in a wall, road or other obstacle. Walk up with with your little one and help them onto the sledge! Get on yours and whhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Race to the bottom trying to avoid bumping into everything especially those walking back up the hill!

Little babies love being pulled about in their sleigh, last year DangerBaby had this sleigh as a present from her Oompa. She toured all the local houses like a snow princess and some of her older friends took turns to run the sleigh around!

Hot drinks
Hmmmm hot chocolate
You've been outside burning all those calories, warm up with a hot chocolate topped with cream or made with that lovely Irish cream boozy drink!! Hmmmmmm


(Please enjoy the snow responsibly, only drive if you have to & if you are going to drive clear the roof of your car of snow (when you brake it all falls forward blocking your view). Save yourself the bother, stay in and build a snowman or snow lady)

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