Sunday, 18 December 2011

My hopes for Christmas Day...

One day DangerBaby will be old enough to use a computer and I'm sure the first thing she'll want to do on this solo flight is 'surf the net' or 'talk to her friends' [I'm thinking that the tablet PC will replace the home phone soon]. When that day comes I hope she'll come over to her Mum's & Aunt Anna's blog and read through some of our posts... So baby girl, here's what I hope your 1yr old Christmas Day will be like.

Let's wake up to snow! A blanket of white, sparkling like diamonds, covering all the grey roof tiles and tarmac making the world seem clean and new. We can jump on the bed to wake up Daddy and show him our 'we're it excited it snowed' dance.

Then all of us and Bunny Bunny can open our stocking presents! We can snuggly buggly together in the big bed while we show each other what Santa brought us.

Nana & Grampa will be asleep so we'll all creep downstairs for some water or juice [you] and coffee [us] and look at the presents under the tree! We'll turn the tree lights on and put on Radio 2 to listen to some Christmassy music... we can dance in the kitchen and race to the lounge to grab Daddy off the sofa to dance in the kitchen with us!

Then because we've made some noise Nanna and Grampa will wake up and come downstairs to join us in the dancing and you can show them your presents. Grampa can hold BunnyBunny while you show them your new books/teddy/things. Woweeeee!

We can all have a scrambled egg breakfast while having our second cup of juice/water [you] and coffee [grown ups except Nana who will have tea]. More singing to the Christmas songs on the radio! Then we'll put our boots on with our pyjamas and go outside to the garden. We're the first ones to make snow prints! Look see the bird footprints!

Quick dash upstairs while Daddy washes up so we can have a shower while there's still hot water!!

Our post shower dance and we'll get dressed for present opening and lunch! Daddy dashes upstairs [in hope that we've left him some hot water]. We have a full 5minutes of 'oooh pretty' at your Christmas outfit!

Parade downstairs so that Nana and Grampa can tell you how pretty you and Bunny Bunny are, and we can say Happy Christmas to Uncle Rob who has managed to come over early for present unwrapping!

Ooooh so many wonderful presents! You are a lucky girl... hopefully we'll not fight too much about not eating with your quilt [don't want to be washing that and carrying back across country damp!]

Kathryn's Memory Quilt
A Pegasus drawing
A dinosaur made from
a romper
 You eat all your lunch and have some pudding [which you don't like because of the raisons but you have an apple instead]. You LOVE your paper hat from the cracker and have somehow managed to end up with everyone's cracker toys as yours.....

We then take everyone for a walk in the snow to see all the sparkly christmas lights in people's gardens... ooooh sparkly!

Back in time for a cup of coffee [me] / milk [you] / sherry [Nana] and some CBeebies with Bunny Bunny.

The walk has made you hungry so Mummy fixes you up some cold cuts and salad.

Now you have some time with Nana & Grampa to play games, play with some of your presents before watching a little more CBeebies [The Bed Time Hour].

As a treat we'll let you stay up a little later than usual, but once it reaches 8.00pm it's bath and bed time!

Daddy bath's you and Mummy reads you a bed time story. You fall to sleep with Bunny Bunny and have snowy adventures in your dreams!

and when you wake up - it's time for second Christmas with Granny!


  1. Thanks Anna - BTW Google asked us to change our G+ name... Just incase you didn't notice!