Thursday, 1 March 2012

MAKE with mess- a la The Naughty

As promised, here is my back dated late Make blog.
This week it is more about playing then it is about making.

As a want to be clothes maker, I have decided to introduce the naughty to the world of dress making.

Todays make is a bespoke Apron/Tabard/Dress a’la THE naughty. 
The other naughty was having a sleepy day and didn’t want to play

You need:
Tear off the roll tablecloth matt
Fabric paint & fabric paint glitter
Paint Brushes
Needle and thread.
A naughty wanting to get messy.

1. Roll off three table cloth matts in one piece. At the third, tear away so you have a triple long piece of fabric. Be careful not to perforate the single pieces.

2. Fold the fabric in half width wise and cut a sausage shape to fit over your naughties head.

3. Prepare for a mess.

4. Let naughty decorate the fabric in any way they feel fit. Hand prints, painting, finger printing. Anything goes.
Glitter girl!

Hand prints

5. Leave to dry

6. When dry, cut, and tape and secure for making into a tabard/dress/apron. Anything goes!!

7. Ask Naughty to model the masterpiece.

8. Hey presto!

Sparkly shoes too Mummy!
Finally she sits still!
Fun to make, fun to dress to photograph!

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