Friday, 4 May 2012

Find a doll maker Monday!

The are...
Weird dollies.
Realistic dollies. 
Scary dollies.
Dollies you just wouldn't want your child to play with.
So many wrong dollies.

We are trying to find the perfect u-ni-k doll.
For our Birthday month we are celebrating by looking for new makers in the Monday maker blogs.
Last week we were looking for a u-ni-k Teddy Bear.
This week are looking for a dolly.

Please help us find a beautiful, friendly, huggable doll that every little girl and Mum will love.
 If you make or know of someone who makes a simple and beautiful dolls please let us know.

Sarah and Anna in scary dolly forms!
Left to Right, Sarah & Anna


  1. OMG why does the Sarah one have a bucket on its head? Scary!

  2. It could be worse, Sarah could be the one wearing the sack!