Thursday, 17 May 2012

I'm sorry I'm being a Mum right now, please leave...

I hate voicemail. I rarely leave a message. I'd rather call back later and speak to a human. In fact I'll hang up and text the person letting them know I'll call them later. I'm a communicator, I need to talk to a person.

Those answer phone systems? Don't get me started... it's best when you leave the computer voice behind and hit the Now That's What I Call Answer Phone Music CD. Probably 'Lady In Red' on repeat or something similar depending on the season (it seemed to be 'Last Christmas' back in January). I sigh with relief when I finally hear -"Hi you're through to Jason, how can I help you today?"

So instead of fobbing you off that I am sat typing this over a cup of coffee moments before publishing... I'm not. I'm not actually here. In fact as you read this I'm rushing my family off to London for a photo shoot that I won on an online auction in aid of NAS.

The National Autistic Society - a charity that helps those with Autism. A condition that effects people's ability to communicate or interpret the world around them in a way that we see as 'normal'.

NAS is a very important charity, it's the largest charity for Autism in the UK. Did you know at least  1 in every 100 people are on the Autism spectrum? To explain, Autism is a spectrum condition because it affects people in different ways to different degrees. Which also makes it harder to diagnose, treat and understand.

Since Autism effects the communication and social parts of the brain this is even more frustrating to those that know someone with the condition.

As someone who hold clear communication and the proper use of language close to her heart, Autism is hard to understand. The world to them is very different from the world I see and understand. They don't interpret the communications and situations in the same way as I do... and sometimes can't communicate why.

Someone with Autism would probably not expect me to be here having just written a blog and hitting 'publish' for you all to read. In the way that they interpret the world, this blog maybe viewed as just a written letter and it has reached the internet the same way a paper letter would hit your doormat... long after it was written.

So go and read more about Autism and Aspergers on the NAS website, or alternatively... leave me a message after the beep.


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