Thursday, 3 May 2012

Wet feet

It's been wet.
In fact it's very wet.
It's been pretty much raining non-stop for the past few weeks!
I'm sick and tired of being cooped up inside with the rain drumming on the windows and my terrors slowly getting cabin fever. When we aren't getting wet we are rushing home to escape the big black clouds that are starting to loom over.

So whether it be getting wet from the rain or wet at the seaside I am going to embrace my feet getting wet and pretend.
Eager to play amongst the sand with the Whales, Seals, boats and all things nautical I am going to dress the naughties up in holiday attire, sip soft drinks from our boat beakers, eat lunch from our seaside animal meal boards and dangle our feet in puddles, pretending it's the sea.
When we stop pretending we'll start puddle jumping and then we'll do a little  a little sun dance.
Join in with us and let's entice the sun out of it's hiding place!
Join in with the fun!! GET WET

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