Monday, 28 May 2012

Monday mentor

Today's Monday Mentor is... Facebook!

Nearly everyone I know is on Facebook, it's become our primary source of open communication! We share our thoughts, our activities and photos of our children all through this mega communication portal.

It has simplified the life of every parent I know, suddenly you are not queueing in Boots to print out 5 sets of your baby photos...a quick upload to a Facebook album and a privacy setting to just family' or 'just friends' and all your relatives can view and download the photos themselves.

As time has gone by it's become even bigger than a social portal, it's become a mass marketing tool. With a reach of over 100million users, large companies have been advertising on Facebook for years. This may, however soon come to an end. With users largely shown to ignore Facebook ads, and companies concentrating more on their Facebook & Twitter presence instead - Facebook has started to trial 'promoted posts'.

It may come as a surprise to you but your Facebook posts are only seen by a small number of your friends / page likers. Facebook is thinking of charging you a small fee to 'promote' your post to more of those nearest and dearest that follow you on Facebook.

The process is simple, you write your post and then like a PR machine, Facebook will ask you if you wish to 'promote your post' before you publish it. It'll tell you that for a small fee it will reach x% more people. Payment would be through a seamless link to PayPal or your preferred payment selection.

We've not seen these changes ourselves, but we know those who have. I'm not sure if 'promoting posts' is very us, so if you want to stay in touch with our new products, press releases, and discounts. Come over to our Facebook page and interact with us... that way you'll be sure to see our posts whether we 'promote' them or not!

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