Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Our Shuktara blanket...

We have a photo album on our Facebook page entitled 'we use our products so that we can recommend them to you' (short catchy title I know).

Anna and I try to update this album with recent pictures of her Naughties and my Dangerbaby using our versions of the products that we personally recommend.

Time and time again, our products show up in our personal Facebook page photo albums as well... because we really do use them!

On our trip to Wales, DangerBaby always slept underneath her favourite Shuktara blanket.

When we have baby visitors we try to make them a comfortable safe spot (with the ever present Shuktara blanket to hand... far right)

Doesn't matter where you are in our house, the shuktara blanket isn't far away!

Over the past 2 years our blanket has been used as a den, a table cloth, a show curtain, a bed blanket, a pram blanket, a comfort blanket, a super hero cloak... the list goes on.

I can honestly say that buying the blanket was fantastic value, it's been used every day and has brought comfort, warmth, softness and joy each day.

We're currently in the process of uploading our purchase pages for our new Shuktara stock. However they are proudly on display on our Shuktara page and you can buy them from us via email (we can invoice you) here.

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