Thursday, 31 May 2012

Finding a new home...

Find out where our beautiful blankets now live.

'My name is Emma. 
I make quilts, so I have to confess I bought the Shuktara blanket for myself really. 
I was intrigued by how something so simple could look so beautiful. 
Quilting has a history of recycling old garments just like the Sari's used in these blankets.  
At the moment, the blanket spends most of its time in my daughter's room, but occasionally it gets dragged around the house for her to use in a game, as the roof of a camp, or in some other way that only a 5 year old can imagine!
I also write a blog about Brighton based artists and makers, (

This beautiful blanket has found a very happy home with Emma and her daughter.
To find blankets as beautiful as this, see our other shuktara blankets proudly sitting waiting to find a special home on our new shuktara page. Take a peek before they fly the nest!

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