Wednesday, 31 October 2012

All Hallows Eve

When the sun sets on the day of All Hallows
Jack O'lanterns will light the shadows
Children will dress as witches & ghosts
Wondering who will give them the most
For parents across the land
Have bought in sweeties as planned
Otherwise it may be a naughty trick not treet
That children could play upon the whole street!

Come everyone, no really one and all
And listen carefully for small footfall
For the joy of being allowed to stay up late
And walk around with your best mate
Asking people to see their fancy dress
Face all painted and hair a mess
Is every little person's special treat
And just think of the things you'll meet

For tonight it's safe to greet a witch
A small green man, his face all stitched
See these creatures caw with glee
When your hand is full of sweet candy
Opening your door on this frightful night

Will bring you no end of spooky delight.

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